Current projects



Till 2018 the IBA Hamburg GmbH is responsible for the firs planning phase of the Oberbillwerder area in the district Bergedorf. The IBA Hamburg will collaborate on this with experts, urban and rural planners, architects, politicians and local players. During the planning process the public is invited to express their wishes for the new neighborhood.



Georgwerder lies in north-east Wilhelmsburg, only 900m from Veddel S-Bahn station and with its own motorway junction (A252), offering good transport connections. Despite its central location, the district features lots of green space. To the west, the idyllic Dove Elbe flows past countless allotments, while to the east rises the Georgswerder Energy Hill. The ‘Picture of the Future in Georgswerder’ (Zukunftsbild Georgswerder) was developed as part of a citizen participation process run by the IBA Hamburg in 2012, and today forms the basis for further planning considerations.


Spreehafenviertel (Spreehafendistrict)

The Ministry for Urban Development and Housing has commissioned the IBA Hamburg to carry out a feasibility study for the Spreeterrassen area. The abolition of the Free Port Area in 2013 opened up the possibility of creating a new corner of the city in Wilhelmsburg: the Spreeterrassen district.


Elbinselquartier (Elbe Island District)

The relocation of Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße will make areas along the central north–south axis between the vocational schools and the Ernst-August-Kanal available for urban development. The aim is integrated, collaborative district development that will result in a district with different social groups and mixed use.


Wilhelmsburger Rathausviertel (Wilhelmsburger Townhall District)

This almost 30ha site, which borders directly on the Island Park and lies close to the S-Bahn, making it ideal for commuters, offers fantastic opportunities to extend urban development in Wilhelmsburg Mitte and put the innovative types of construction that were road-tested in the International Building Exhibition into practice once again.


Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe (Georg-Wilhelm Courtyards)

The Georg-Wilhelm Courtyards in western Wilhelmsburg, covering a 1,5 ha area between Georg-Wilhelm-Straße, Trettaustraße and the Kurdamm, are set to provide 150 new family-friendly homes. The Wilhelmsburg School for Children with Speech Defects was based here until mid-2013, before being integrated into the newly built Gateway to the World education centre in Wilhelmsburg Mitte as part of the International Building Exhibition.


Inselparkquartier (Island Park District)

The aprox. 13 ha project Inselparkquartier is taking shape on the southern edge of the park that previously hosted the international garden show 2013. It shows a potential up to 650 housing units.


District development in Neugraben-Fischbek: Vogelkamp Neugraben

With its peripheral location in the immediate vicinity of the ecologically important Moorgürtel Nature Reserve and EU Bird Sanctuary, the Vogelkamp Neugraben area is in a unique position. IBA Hamburg GmbH is responsible for the project development, infrastructure provision and marketing of the area, which covers approximately 70ha.


District development in Neugraben-Fischbek: Fischbeker Heidbrook

The second building area in Neugraben-Fischbek is the approximately 54ha Fischbeker Heidbrook area on the site of the former Röttiger Barracks. IBA Hamburg GmbH has been tasked with the project development, provision of infrastructure and marketing for the area up until 2019.


Fischbeker Reethen

The “Fischbeker Reethen” development is set to grow over the next few years in the west of the Borough of Harburg, on the border with Lower Saxony; the district will combine countryside living and innovative working environments.



As part of the concept devised by the Federal State Government under the title ‘Upriver on the Elbe and Bille – Housing and Urban Production in East Hamburg’ (Stromaufwärts an Elbe und Bille – Wohnen und urbane Produktion in HamburgOst), the IBA Hamburg GmbH is working with the Hamburgische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung (HWF) on behalf of the State Ministry for Transport and Innovation to devise an action plan for the revitalization of the Billbrook/Rothenburgsort industrial area.