IBA Hamburg was far more than a building exhibition - it was a process. It was a time to discuss and ask questions, to explore the many issues that affect the future of the metropolis.  Workshops, expert panel meetings and congresses on the topic were held regularly on the Elbe Islands.

At the end of each IBA year an IBA FORUM was held, offering a platform to discuss and reflect on IBA’s key themes, projects and activities. Local residents and people with a professional interest in the subject were invited to attend.

Between 2007 and 2011 IBA Hamburg hosted a number of dialogue and workshop events for experts - the IBA LABORATORY series - to examine major issues and aspects relating to IBA’s three key themes. These workshops lasting several days allowed IBA to remain in touch with national and international professionals in the field.

During the IBA presentation year, 2013, a variety of congresses were hosted on the Elbe Islands, Hamburg. More about selected IBA conferences is available here.

The series of events titled “IBA LOUNGE. Let’s talk about the new city” served as the prologue to the presentation year. They started in autumn 2011 and continued until the end of 2012. IBA Hamburg took the IBA LOUNGE on tour around Germany and German-speaking countries in order to enter into an exchange with respected town-planning experts based in other cities.