A Bakery for Johanna

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Centre of Language and Excercise

Learning in motion

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Energy Hill Georgswerder

Hill of new horizons

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Global Neighbourhood - Weimarer Platz with Pavilion

The New Heart of the Weltquartier

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Hamburg Energy Partnerships

The household as an energy laboratory

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House of Projects

New job opportunities in boat building

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Media home made - numerous opportunities under one roof

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Children and Adolescence shape their quarter

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Multipurpose Circuit

New tracks on the Elbe Islands - on foot, on rollers or on wheels

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Pilot Project Kreetsand

Creating flood plains and making the tidal Elbe experience possible

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Recreation in the Harbour

Spreehafen – a site for many acitvitites

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Rotenhäuser Feld

Public Space for the Intercultural Neighbourhood

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Growing older in a shared community

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Wilhelmsburg Central

From the inner city margin to the new centre

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Wilhelmsburg Cycle City

Wilhelmsburg on its Way to Becoming a Model District for Forward-looking Cycling

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