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An international building exhibition is much more than an exhibition in its classical sense: just like a laboratory, it embraces research and development. The built results of the research can be explored on site of the international building exhibition. Reflexions on various topics and themes, which the IBA Hamburg and its partners dealt with, are located here.

The white papers provide technical details as well as insights into the process of many single IBA-projects. In particular, they contain an estimation of how the ambitious goals have been reached.

The seven-volume IBA-book series accompanies the IBA-process and offers the possibility to comprehend the thematic chronic of the building exhibition meticulously.

From the project catalog to the art book, from the energy atlas to the history of the Harburg Upriver Port : the IBA Hamburg has published a range of books.

The Elbe islands have been the points of interest for many congresses related to the topics of the IBA Hamburg. Documents and material directories to download can be found here.