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New tracks on the Elbe Islands - on foot, on rollers or on wheels

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Harbour launch connections and expansion of the canoeing route

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Wilhelmsburg Circular Leisure Trail

"Multi-Purpose Ways" can be found in most major US cities, meandering through Chicago, Los Angeles, and Central Park, New York. Now Wilhelmsburg is set to get its own multi-purpose circuit for cyclists, inline skaters, and runners. In conjunction with the international garden show hamburg igs 2013, the IBA Hamburg has devised a 30 kilometre circular trail. Lined by water, dykes, harbour scenery, green spaces, and industrial buildings, the trail reveals the diversity of this Elbe island.

Following a suggestion by a Wilhelmsburg resident, the firm of architects Schaper+Steffen+Runtsch proceeded to draw up plans for such a circuit. Their design envisages a circular leisure trail that incorporates about 30 kilometres around Wilhelmsburg island.

The trail runs from Veddel S-Bahn station through the Dove-Elbe area and the yacht harbour, past the windmill, with the Moorwerder waterway to the east, up to the dyke on the northern Elbe. From there it continues to the most southeastern point of the island, the Bunthäuser Spitze, where the northern and southern arms of the Elbe divide. The trail swings west, in the direction of the igs Park, and from there heads back to Veddel S-Bahn station.

The route will be largely free of vehicle traffic and will be between 3.5 and 4 metres wide in order to provide enough room for people moving in both directions. An extra-smooth surface is intended to make the trail attractive for inline skaters and cyclists. The first section, running through the Central district and the igs 2013 site, will be completed by 2013.

The "Multi-Purpose Paths in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg" research project, November 2010

In a comprehensive research project carried out by the ding. planning agency in conjunction with igs 2013 and the Hamburg-Mitte District Authority, various sections of the circular trail were surveyed to check their suitability for inline skaters and cyclists. Traffic and leisure related issues were examined and recommendations made.

Offering countless views, the trail highlights the great natural beauty of the Elbe island, and provides space for sporting activity in Wilhelmsburg; the path is a destination in its own right.

Project Milestones

  • 2013: opening of the first 13.8 kilometre section of the trail, part of which lies within the site of the international garden show igs 2013. 

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Planned route 

of around 30 km