Vogelkamp Neugraben

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Neugraben-Fischbek district development: Vogelkamp Neugraben



With its peripheral location in the immediate vicinity of the ecologically important Moorgürtel Nature Reserve and EU Bird Sanctuary, the Vogelkamp Neugraben area is in a unique position. IBA Hamburg GmbH is responsible for the project development, infrastructure provision and marketing of the area, which covers approximately 70ha.


By 2019 around 1,500 housing units will be constructed here, over four phases of construction. The complex will have a family-friendly mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. Apartment buildings in key locations will enhance the quarter – on the edge of the new site, beside the public squares and alongside the park. With courtyards for residents, a mobility station and lots of landscaped green areas, Vogelkamp offers many benefits for current local residents and newcomers alike. Almost the whole area is residential, with the exception of the planned development along the railway line. In the future this will become home to a small, resident-friendly mixed-use area that will also have the function to protect the other areas from noise. This area has excellent transport connections and lies in close proximity to a local shopping centre. The BGZ Süderelbe is a diverse educational and recreational facility that already lies within the local area.


The first phase of construction is largely complete and lots of families are already living in this part of the area. Marketing for the second phase of construction at Vogelkamp Neugraben began in spring 2014. Together with an architect's exchange, the IBA Hamburg successfully implemented an innovative, three-tiered process consisting of product development, location marketing and property sales. This process, which was applied for the first time in Hamburg, focused on the creation of high-quality, affordable architecture and the emergence of stable neighbourhoods over and above property sales alone.


A special allocation procedure is also being carried out for the property marketing of the third phase of construction, which began in spring 2015. Potential buyers can choose from a total of 28 architect-drawn designs in a catalogue of houses entitled ‘Our Suggestions for Living Close to Nature’, put together by the IBA Hamburg GmbH in conjunction with building contractors and architectural firms. Alternatively, those interested can also apply for their own architectural design to be built, if provided separately by an architect. More information on both processes can be found here: naturverbunden-wohnen.de, only German.




  • Construction phase I: mostly complete
  • Construction phase II: construction maturity spring 2015
  • Construction phase III: marketing launch spring 2015, construction maturity summer 2016




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