Terms and Conditions for Users of Media Centre IBA Hamburg GmbH


1. All photos are protected by copyright.

2. IBA Hamburg GmbH permits the use of the photos, i.e. the presentation, publication or duplication thereof exclusively for the following purposes: » Use for private, not commercial purposes;

» Use by Hamburg authorities, public corporations with headquarters in Hamburg, non-profit associations based in Hamburg as well as companies in which the Free and Hanseatic City of  Hamburg is participating financially as a shareholder, granting assistance from public resources, in as far as there is a connection with the work of the International Building Exhibition Hamburg;

» Use for editorial articles about the International Building Exhibition Hamburg in any media, in particular printed material, film reports, Internet presentations etc.;

3. The type of utilisation defined in section 2 does not require approval and is free of charge.

4. The user him/herself may not transfer the rights received to third parties. Excluded is the transfer to companies that have been commissioned with compilation of presentation, publication or duplication, as defined in section 2, by the user.

5. The user shall agree to identify the complete name of the photographer to an adequate extent in the case of intended utilisation of individual photographs.

6. IBA Hamburg GmbH shall reserve the right to revoke the granted utilisation rights for significant reasons. The user shall agree to refrain from the presentation of further images, publications or duplications in this case. Finished products may – in as far as they have been accomplished correctly in compliance with this agreement – continue to be distributed.

7. In the case of violation of this agreement, IBA Hamburg GmbH may demand that the user retracts or amends all his products involving the presentation of the images at his own expense, or discontinues the distribution entirely. Moreover, IBA Hamburg GmbH shall reserve the right to pursue claims for damages in this case.

8. In the case of unauthorised utilisation of the photos, IBA Hamburg GmbH or the photographer/ author of the images shall be entitled to charge the customary image fees. Moreover, IBA Hamburg GmbH and the photographers/ authors of the images shall reserve the right to pursue claims for damages.

9. The data provided have been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nonetheless neither the publisher nor the designer shall assume any liability for errors in the document or for any resulting system errors.