Holistic neighbourhood development


Holistic disctrict development

Being a municipal corporation, IBA Hamburg takes a holistic approach to local development with the creation of both innovative residential districts and sustainable commercial areas. IBA Hamburg takes networked thinking very seriously. All departments within the organization work hand in hand and keep their lines of communication short. Sales and Marketing, for example, are involved in projects from the outset. IBA Hamburg strives for a close exchange with the political community and municipal bodies and takes part in a number of different steering groups. As a result synergies are created and a clear objective emerges for all involved.


Services range from an initial assessment of the situation to the sale of building lots. The work falls into two separate phases. First of all there is agreement about performing a feasibility study/pre-inspection. Funding plans and timelines are drafted, a variety of citizen participation tools deployed, test drafts developed and, in conclusion, an evaluation of the situation is produced. In phase 2, the actual project development process, IBA Hamburg initiates and tracks competition procedures and calls for expert opinions, it develops functional plans and town-planning concepts for the project area, establishes the procedures leading to a binding land use plan and manages the site development and sale of units.


Throughout the process, communication concepts for defined target groups and specifically developed marketing campaigns enhance public awareness and boost the success of marketing at the final stage.


Although the International Building Exhibition that started in 2006 came to an end in 2013, IBA Hamburg GmbH continues to build on the foundations laid during those years. Networked thinking plus the quality standards and guiding principles that IBA Hamburg GmbH developed continue to characterize its work. In conjunction with numerous networks, these qualities are the basis on which successful, sustainable urban development can be taken forward.

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