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The International Building Exhibition (IBA) Hamburg has changed the face of the Elbe Islands and Harburg Upriver Port. After eight years of work the IBA Hamburg presents the conclusive documentation of its achievements. "Building the City within the City" gives a comprehensive overview of IBA's contribution to the building culture and the central architectural and urban planning issues that have shaped the work of the IBA Hamburg over the years and that still shape its work.

Welcome to IBA Hamburg

Hamburg is looking to grow its inner city and make the “Leap across the Elbe”. Between the northern and southern branches of the river, the St Pauli landing stages and Harburg, lies a 35 square kilometre area of the city that had become something of a backwater following the storm surge of 1962.

Europe’s largest river island, Wilhelmsburg, is home to docks, industry, green oases, and over 50,000 people. Together with the small neighbouring island of Veddel and the “Harburg Upriver Port”, from 2006 to 2013 Wilhelmsburg formed the project area for the Internationale Bauausstellung IBA Hamburg (International Building Exhibition).

Together with its many committed partners, the IBA Hamburg has devised and implemented seventy projects here, creating an impetus for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially balanced urban development.

Under the key theme of COSMOPOLIS the IBA Hamburg has demonstrated how cooperation might be nurtured within major cities in the future. METROZONES offer space for growth within the city, providing easy routes between living and work. CITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE demonstrates how major cities can grow in an environmentally friendly way by generating decentralised renewable energy and using their own resources efficiently.

Here you can learn all about the IBA Hamburg: its projects, stakeholders, and the results of seven years of research within the living city. 


IBA post 2013

The International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg comes to the end of its seven-year term in 2013. The Senate of Hamburg has now decided to transform the building exhibition into an urban development company. Working in the capacity of an urban project developer, IBA Hamburg GmbH will initially develop cost and funding plans for residential projects in Wilhelmsburg.


The IBA-Competence

An international building exhibition is much more than an exhibition in its classical sense: just like a laboratory, it embraces research and development. The built results of the research can be explored on site of the international building exhibition. Reflexions on various topics and themes, which the IBA Hamburg and its partners dealt with, are located here. 



The IBA Hamburg app is the official guide to the IBA  Hamburg 2013. Use it to find out about all the IBA projects on show at the sites in Wilhelmsburg, Veddel, and “Harburg Upriver Port”.

IBA Hamburg app