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Cultural Diversity Projects

Elbe Islands Creative Quarter

Kinder bei der Lüttville Ferienfreizeit - Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt, Bild: Stefan Malzkorn Kunstobjekt in Wilhelmsburg - Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt, Bild: Musikalische Unterhaltung beim Spreehafenfest 2009 - Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt, Bild: Mariano Albrecht Zirkus Willibald 1 Kinder bei einem der Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt  - Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt, Bild:t Kinder bei der Lüttville Ferienfreizeit  - Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt, Bild:


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Cultural Diversity Projects



Whether they are art interventions and concerts at surprising locations or excited Wilhelmsburg students at the free holiday programme, the Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt [Cultural Diversity Projects] reflected the cultural experience of the Elbe islands in its various facets.


With the "Projekte der kulturellen Vielfalt" [“Cultural Diversity Projects”], IBA Hamburg was sponsoring cultural events on the Elbe Islands that:

  • are developed by urban districts or together with agents on site,

  • highlighted locations or issues of Hamburg’s Elbe islands Wilhelmsburg and Veddel as well as the Harburg upriver port,

  • created a cultural connection to the themes of IBA Hamburg

  • or provided added value for the urban district as a sustainable design concept.



On zdf.kultur since 26 August 2011

The Konspirativen KüchenKonzerte [Conspiratorial Kitchen Concerts] are the unique and homemade TV and Web 2.0 format for pop culture made at home for home viewing. Once a month host Marco Antonio Reyes Loredo serves up cultural treats from Wilhelmsburg’s independent scene to those interested in art, music and enjoyment.

It is a well-known fact that the best conversations happen in the kitchen. That is why these kitchen concerts are not broadcast from a sterile studio with an artificial curtain but rather from host Marco Antonio Reyes Laredo’s home kitchen in Wilhelmsburg. The kitchen concerts serve up a full hour of cultural treats, musical backgrounds and artist histories to those interested in art, music and enjoyment. A promising band plays before an audience of 60 people and a visual artist designs the room in each episode.

Among other honours, the Konspirative KüchenKonzerte [Conspiratorial Kitchen Concerts] series was nominated for the Adolf Grimme Award in the category of Entertainment for its unconventional concept.

The series has been broadcast on zdf.kultur every Friday night at 22:00 since 26/08/2011.


Uli Hellweg makes an appearance on Konspirative KüchenKonzerte [Conspiratorial Kitchen Concerts]

The Konspirative KüchenKonzerte [Conspiratorial Kitchen Concerts] episode broadcast on 16 September brought together the spatial composition “Aurora” composed by Le Corbusier engineer Iannis Xenakis with a room installation by Stefan Vogel and Simon Heheman, students from HfbK Hamburg [University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany]. “Aurora” was interpreted by the self-governed Ensemble Resonanz – an orchestra covering the range from traditional to present-day music seeking connections between old and contemporary masters. 12 string players and 12 minutes were required for the piece played in the show without a conductor. It was introduced by a show within the show in which guest host Roger Willemsen welcomed guests including Uli Hellweg, Managing Director of IBA Hamburg.

The concept was supported by IBA from 2008 to 2012



The MS DOCKVILLE festival was founded in 2007 as an unconventional framework for music and art that has developed into an established platform on the Elbe Islands for bands and artists in the meantime. The cultural programme as well as the musical line-up has constantly grown since then. The MS DOCKVILLE festival, which was also supported by IBA in its early years was held for the seventh time from 16 to 18 August 2011 at the Reiherstieg river branch on the Elbe Island. International as well as local bands offered festival attendees three days of pure avant-garde music in front of the imposing backdrop of the dock. KUNSTCAMP, which studied the festival grounds as a social and spatial field of experimentation in 2011, created a unique space for art within the festival grounds. The various artists lived, worked and interacted with each other on the festival grounds over a period of four weeks.


Lüttville artistic holiday recreation camp 2011

The art programme also formed the interface to LÜTTVILLE, a free summer camp specially developed for Wilhelmsburg primary school students in 2008.

Around 130 children from Wilhemsburg and Veddel aged 4 to 14 had an opportunity on 1 August 2011 to create small and large works of art in eleven different creative workshops over six days. The children were collected from various stations in the urban district and transported to the Dockville grounds where the results of the workshops were presented to their families, friends and interested visitors within the framework of a concluding celebration on 6 August with a tour and review. The children’s material works of art still remained for all attendees of the MS DOCKVILLE festival to appreciate. The children of the dance workshop also took the stage alongside the band Materia during the regular festival time. 



In the past years LÜTTVILLE is carried out together with partner institutions of the Elbe Island and other organisations from the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. From 2008 to 2013 IBA Hamburg sponsors the project against the backdrop of developing long-lasting structures together with and for local organisations. The objective was to establish LÜTTVILLE as an annually recurring element of the educational network of the Elbe islands that is being created.




29 July - 20 August 2011

“Freifrau von Schulz” [Baroness von Schultz] and her crew held the WAHRSCHAU! art festival once again for the fourth time. Dealing with the topic of the port’s edge, everything revolved around Hamburg, its port and the sense of life associated with it from 29 July to 20 August 2011.

The WAHRSCHAU! art festival has been held on a freighter at the “50er Schuppen” (“50s shed”) once a year since 2008. “Wahrschau!” is a German seafaring term created by combining the German words “wahrnehmen” (“notice”) and “schauen” (“look”). It basically means “Look out!” or “Look closely” – The WAHRSCHAU! festival offers artistic collisions. Each year there is a theme the core of which is a broadly conceived concept dealing with water that can be viewed in infinitely different ways through art. Visual and performing arts from the most varied of genres come together at WAHRSCHAU!


The motto for 2011 was HAFENKANTE [PORT’S EDGE]. Everything in the middle of the free port revolved around live in the port. The topic was reflected in the most varied perspectives both old and new from the field of art on deck and in the cargo hatch of the freighter MS BLEICHEN. Each evening had a literary/musical focal point in the form of a reading, smaller-scale performing art or concert and concluded on deck with a filmed message.




4-7 and 11-14 August 2011

The almost traditionally four-day VHS Sommeratelier [summer artists’ workshop] was held on the grounds of the port museum in the district of Kleiner Grasbrook from 4 to 7 August and from 11 to 14 August. Participants were able to try out artistic techniques during these days and were guided by artists in various workshops in focal points such as photography, writing, painting, drawing and sculpting.

Creative talents were able to be personally discovered and expanded amidst the port scenery surrounded by the Bleichen, the Hamburg Port Museum and the 50er Schuppen [50s shed] for the fourth time.

IBA Hamburg promoted the VHS Sommeratelier [summer artists’ workshop] in the free port (normal participation fee €175) from 2008 to 2013 with three places that were raffled off to Wilhelmsburg and Veddel residents.



1/2 July 2011

The Spreehafenfest [Spreehafen Festival] established years ago by the Zukunft Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg e.V. [Wilhelmsburg Association for the Future of the Elbe Island] celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. It was an occasion highlighted by the opening of the customs fence on 4 July 2010. The Spreehafen port was once again filled with music in 2011. The Spreehafen Festival started on Friday, 1 July 2011, with an evening of swing dancing on the embankment and continued with the Reggae Open Air Festival on Saturday, 2 July 2011. Just as in previous years, international reggae artists performed for free and outdoors in the free port.


The association Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof e.V., which was founded in 1999 and regularly holds exhibitions of modern contemporary art on an area of 350 square metres, is located directly inside the Hamburg-Harburg railway station. With the MAGAZIN exhibition and production site, a long-term living space for art was created in the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof location in May of 2010. In addition to a site for research on current artist catalogues, artists’ books and periodicals from Hamburg artists, MAGAZIN also functions as a site for production where artists are invited to present their works as well as create their own publications. It is therefore equipped with a printing machine (Risograph) to enable the publishing of artists’ own publications. IBA Hamburg is a sponsor of MAGAZIN for the stabilisation of promising artistic activities in the south of Hamburg.

MAGAZIN is located above tracks 3&4 in the Hamburg-Harburg railway station, the long-distance train station and the local S-Bahn urban railway station. It is easy to reach and right on your way.

The IBA significantly supported the institution of the MAGAZIN-Raum. 


Other projects sponsored in previous years include:

HARBURGER BINNENHAFENFEST                                                          [HARBURG UPRIVER PORT FESTIVAL] (2007 - 2011)


WILHELMSBURGER INSELLAUF                                                                      [WILHELMSBURG ISLAND MARATHON] (2010/2011)






Die abendlichen Barkassenfahrten präsentierten in den vergangenen Jahren die Ufer des Reiherstiegs mit ihren Hafen- und Industrieanlagen in einem gänzlich neuen Licht - eingetaucht in die Lichtkunst, Hafen- und Kai-Illuminationen verschiedener Künstler. Eine Open-Air-Galerie der Superlative, bei der Silotürme und Fabrikanlagen in leuchtenden Spektralfarben erstrahlten. Das besondere Flair dieser Fahrten, die musikalisch untermalt und durch Guides informativ und unterhaltsam begleitet wurden, ist inzwischen hamburgweit bekannt.