Inselparkquartier (Island Park District)



During the Hamburg International Building Exhibition, the aprox. 13-hectare project area of Inselparkquartier at the southern edge of the Wilhelmsburg Inselpark was already the focus of an urban development.


On the basis of this, from 2015, commissioned by the Behörde für Stadtentwicklung and Wohnen (Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and Housing), the IBA Hamburg GmbH tested the possibilities of developing a project with the main emphasis on the opportunities for residential building.


Within this framework various types of urban planning were drawn up and reports and feasibility studies were produced. These currently show potential for building around 650 new homes. This made it possible firstly to exploit the natural advantages of the area, especially its location directly adjoining the Wilhelmsburg Inselpark, which is quite exceptional for a major city. Secondly, it would bring a new urban plan to the south-western side of the Inselpark and round off both the developments in central Wilhelmsburg and the Neue Hamburger Terrassen.

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