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A Place to Work not far from Home for Local Companies and Founders of New Businesses

Global Neighbourhood - World Commercial Park

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Rotenhäuser Feld

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World Commercial Park


The “World Commercial Park”, one of the largest business projects to be carried out as part of the Internationale Bauausstellung IBA (International Building Exhibition) Hamburg, originated on a 6700 square metre site at the southern edge of the “Global Neighbourhood”, a former working class settlement dating from the 1930s. As a result of the redevelopment work, this formerly isolated, unkempt commercial area is better integrated into the district, while its function is enhanced and further developed through the establishment of new businesses. Entrepreneurs and local and immigrant-run enterprises are encouraged to set up here, and moved in to their new premises, housed under a remarkable roof structure, in october 2013. Covered workshops are being created between the buildings, and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

The concept behind the development is targeted at small and micro enterprises from the district. Different branches of particular trades are to be set up in a cluster layout, which will provide more opportunities for jobs and related activities, thereby helping to improve the lives and living conditions of the local population.

In 2011 the IBA Hamburg and the facility management held an architecture competition with the aim of developing an innovative yet economical design concept. The winning design by the Hamburg-based architecture firm dalpiaz + giannetti is based on a modular plan: separate units can be adapted in a flexible way to the requirements of the business. The transparent roof made out of polycarbonate panels allows work to be done in the open, regardless of the weather, and encourages the users to collaborate with one another. In addition, the “World Commercial Park” is connected to the local heat grid established as part of the IBA's “Energy Bunker” project, and a photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof.

Thanks to funding from the Integrated District Development Framework Programme (RISE) and planned support from the EU Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the “World Commercial Park” is able to charge affordable rents. This should stem the “brain drain” effect within the district, and facilitate the establishment and further development of sustainable business structures.
A shop/restaurant space is available for rent, in addition to the halls, offices, and workshops. As part of the concept development process, which involved consultations with the future users and support for immigrant entrepreneurs, the project has also been supported by the European Social Fund (ESF). Since 2009 the organisations Employment + Training. and the Office for Local  Economy (LoWi) with Entrepreneurs without Borders have been working on the site.

The IBA “World Commercial Park” project not only offers structural and spatial advantages, but is also making a significant contribution to strengthening the economic and social development of the district.

Project Milestones

  • April 2008: “World Commercial Park” urban design ideas competition
  • March 2011: construction peer review process for the commercial modules
  • November 2012: start of construction work
  • October 2013: completion and occupation

This project is sponsored by the Framework Programme for Integrated Urban Development (RISE), the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


European Regional Development Fund

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Rotenhäuser Straße 79
21107 Hamburg

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Property Size:
6.700 sqm

Gross Floor Area:
approx. 2.400 sqm

EFRE-subsidies (the European Social and Regional Development Funds) in the amount of 730.000 EURO
RISE-subsidies (framework program of integrated urban district development) in the amount of 670.000 EURO

Investment Volume: 
approx. 6,2 Mio €

Average Rent:
4,40 €/sqm (status 2013)

Commercial Units:
approx. 40


Dalpiaz + Giannetti
Bahrenfelder Straße 263
22765 Hamburg
Phone: +49(0)40 30377731

Landscape architects:
Breimann und Bruun
Borselstr. 18, Borselhof
22765 Hamburg


GMH | Gebäudemanagement Hamburg GmbH
Maurienstraße 15
22305 Hamburg