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New routes to the Harburg Schloßinsel

Creating a bridge to Harburg’s Schloßinsel

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New spaces for the city

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/fileadmin/Projekte/M43_Marina_auf_der_Schlossinsel/marina_482x150.jpg Living in the Harburg Dock

Marina on the ‘Schloßinsel’

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/fileadmin/Projekte/M41_Park_auf_der_Schlossinsel/214parkschlossinsel.jpg New free space qualities on Harburg Schloßinsel

Harburger Schloßinsel Park

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/fileadmin/Projekte/M42_Quartier_am_Park/quartierampark.jpg Living in a unique location

Park Quarter

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Creating a Bridge to Harburg's Schlossinsel

Harburg Inland Port will have a new layout of open spaces and interlinking footpaths. Part of this network will be formed by the new bridge to Harburg's Schlossinsel, via three projects. Two newly designed squares - Kanalplatz and Lotseplatz - and a bridge across Lotsekanal are being built on a 1.4 hectare site within Harburg Inland Port. The bridge will link the Schlossinsel to southwestern Harburg and provide a new and attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Historical Atmosphere at Kanalplatz

Kanalplatz has been redesigned as a multi-purpose square for events and activities like markets, taking its historical significance into consideration. As such, it can now act as a venue for gatherings such as Harburg's Binnenhafenfest. This reconfiguration, planned by LohausCarl Landschaftsarchitektur, from Hannover, and Petersen pörksen partner, from Lübeck, requires only minor building work, though these slight changes do give the area a completely new feel.

The old office building that was once the headquarters of Harburg's cultural institute and the cobblestones of the waterside promenade preserve the history-steeped atmosphere of the square, and are being positioned at centre stage once again by the new changes. Concrete steps have been constructed at the eastern end of Kanalplatz, separating the square from the street and inviting visitors to linger and enjoy the view of the water and the surrounding buildings. From here, visitors can see the new bridge linking Kanalplatz with the recently designed Lotsekaipromenade.

The New Bridge

The tender for the swing bridge over the pilot channel designed by Winking Froh Architects in collaboration with the engineering firm GRASSL GmbH had to be withdrawn for cost reasons. Initially it was planned to inaugurate for the presentation year of the International Building Exhibition IBA 2013. Since spring 2016 the bridge now connects the Lotse- and Kanalplatz.

Strolling along the Lotsekai

The project planned for the Lotsekaipromenade and the Lotseplatz, devised by the landscape architects club L94, were completed in May 2013. Historical traces were preserved in the new design of this site on the Schlossinsel - the cobblestones and old railway tracks remain visible. Moveable deckchairs are available for visitors, allowing them to position themselves along the old rails.

The atmosphere of the old harbour is almost palpable when you are strolling along the Lotsepromenade. The new Lotseplatz lies about halfway along the route. This area is notable in particular for the long wooden bench that runs right across the square, providing a clear structure and a number of potential uses.

Project Milestones

• Summer 2012: completion of Kanalplatz
• Autumn 2012: work begins on the new design for Lotsekai and Lotseplatz
• May 2013: completion of the Lotsekai

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21079 Hamburg

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Sice: 1.4 ha

Project cost: 5.3 Mio. Euro


Architectural and engineering design of the bridge

to be announced


Landscape Architecture Kanalplatz

LohausCarl Landschaftsarchitektur

Petersen pörksen partner architekten und stadtplaner


Landscape Architecture Lotsekai / Lotseplatz

raumwerk Gesellschaft für Architektur und Stadtplanung mbH

club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH


Bezirksamt Harburg - Dezernat Wirtschaft, Bauen und Umwelt, Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer (LSBG)