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The metropolis moves onto water


IBA DOCK, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein IBA DOCK, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Wasserperspektive März 2010 – IBA DOCK, Bild: Johannes Arlt Beleuchtete Ausstellungstafeln – IBA DOCK, Bild: Johannes Arlt Sonne tanken auf der Terrasse – IBA DOCK im Juni 2010- IBA DOCK, Bild: Martin Kunze Die Ausstellung IBA at WORK – IBA DOCK, Bild: Johannes Arlt





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Germany's largest floating exhibition and office building was built at the Müggenburg customs port across from the BallinStadt Emigrant Museum. The IBA DOCK has been the new home of the IBA Hamburg GmbH since February 2010.


With the IBA DOCK, the International Building Exhibition has built a central contact point, conveniently placed as regards transport facilities, for the many visitors to the IBA Exhibition until 2013. This striking building in the Müggenburger Zollhafen can be seen from far away and has become part of the internationally inhabited districkt Veddel. Up to today it is home for the IBA Hamburg GmbH.

Innovative and Climate-Neutral

The IBA DOCK not only houses the exhibition of the International Building Exhibition 2006-2013, but is also itself an exhibit of  innovative building and energy-saving technologies: the building is situated on an approximately 50-metre-long and 26-metre-wide concrete pontoon; the superstructures are made of steel in modular construction. This saves weight and makes it possible to remove a part of the superstructures in case of transport, so that the IBA DOCK can also navigate under low bridges. The IBA DOCK was designed by the Han Slawik Architectural Bureau in Hannover; the 10-month construction period was coordinated by the municipal development company ReGe Hamburg Projektrealisierungsgesellschaft (Project Realisation Company) mbH.

Like all IBA construction projects, the IBA DOCK is also setting new standards in the area of climate protection: in addition to 25-cm-thick insulated outer walls, the IBA DOCK uses the sun and water of the Elbe for generating energy. A brine electric heat pump heats the building. The environmental heat needed by the heat pump is taken from the Elbe through a heat exchanger integrated in the base of the concrete pontoon and/or supplied by solar thermal collectors. The electricity needed by the heat pump is financially covered by a photovoltaic device on the IBA DOCK. No further cooling or heating energy is needed. The planning and construction of the CO2-neutral air-conditioning is supported by IMMOSOLAR GmbH, one of the official sponsors of the IBA DOCK.


New Way of Dealing with Storm Surges

Another important aspect of the IBA DOCK is the new way of dealing with the danger of flooding. The pontoon is fastened onto dolphins, on which it moves with the tide 3.5 metres up and down each day. If a strong storm surge comes, the IBA DOCK will float with the water. Instead of ever-higher dikes, this construction adapts to nature – a future-orientated concept for construction in flood situations.

More information about the IBA DOCK

  • since February 2010: headquarters of IBA Hamburg GmbH

This project is sponsored by the Framework Programme for Integrated Urban Development (Rise).

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Am Zollhafen 12
20539 Hamburg

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Gross floor area: 1,640 sq m
Pontoon: 43 m x 25 m concrete hollow chamber
Wall thickness: pontoon: 0.2 m
Solar-thermal device: 34 sq m
Photovoltaic device: 100 sq m


Han Slawik Architectural Bureau, Hannover



IBA Hamburg GmbH


Immosolar GmbH
Eternit AG
Lindenblatt und Gotzmann oHG
Lindner AG
ERCO Leuchten GmbH


Winner of the architectural award 'BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis' 2010: Honour.

Certificate of the German prize for solar energy 'Plakette des deutschen Solarpreises' 2011, in the category: owners and operators of facilities for the use of renewable energy, awarded by EUROSOLAR e.V.

As one of 20 projects, the IBA DOCK was presented as German contribution to the architectural exhibition "Architekturbiennale' in Sao Paolo in 2011. The items for display have been selected by the federal chamber of achitects, in cooperation with the federal ministry of transport, building and housing and the federal chamber of engineers.