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Growing older in a shared community


Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Veringeck, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein




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For senior citizens in the relatively young, internationally mixed Reiherstieg quarter in Wilhelmsburg, the IBA Hamburg is closing a gap in supply and developing a model project throughout Germany: By the creation of assisted-living apartments for elderly people and a living-care community for senior citizens with dementia, the care for these people will be improved.

In the socially integrated residence, different accommodation opportunities are offered for senior citizens with and without a migration background who would like to live in a community retaining their independence. In Veringeck there are 18 apartments suitable for elderly people for one or two occupants with balconies. All residents can also use a spacious community room with a kitchen and the sensory garden in the courtyard. According to the individual needs, the senior citizens can also receive outpatient care services.

On the 3rd floor, there is an outpatient residential-care community set up for people originating from Turkey with dementia, who are cared for round the clock by the nursing service Mulit-Kulti. The special traditions and customs of the residents are appreciated and taken into consideration. In this way, the residents are living their familiar everyday life, their mother tongue will be spoken and they can cook the dishes customary for their mother country communally.

Moreover, a day care centre, a hamman (Turkish steam bath) and a café have been planned for the ground floor. These facilities are also open to the residents of the neighbourhood and thus present an additional recreational opportunity and care option in the Reiherstieg neighbourhood.

Im July 2009 an evaluated expert opinion was decided upon by the IBA Hamburg in cooperation with the investor Veringeck GbR and operating organisation Multi Kulti: The central task for the eight participating international architectural offices was to reproduce the concepts of cross-cultural accommodation suitable for senior citizens both in the interior architecture and also in the design of the facade. The design of the Architects Gutzeit + Ostermann, Hamburg has been realised, as its spatial concept would fulfil the special nursing requirements of the future residents in an ideal manner.

All apartment in the facility are connected by extended hallways with semi-private pre-zones. The floor plans with partitioning into anteroom, living area and withdrawal area have been developed according to the structure of classical Turkish houses. Light flooded communal areas in the centre of each floor will guarantee manifold views into the Reiherstieg neighbourhood and is supplemented in the exterior area by a sensory garden with raised beds and circular paths.

The primary design element in both the exterior and interior areas is a modern interpretation of the oriental Girih pattern that will translate the flair of the orient into a modern language. The traditional blue ornamentation, as a versatile facade element, has a significant impact on the exterior appearance of the building. The building that was started in the middle of 2010 was completed in autumn 2011 in KfW 70 energy efficiency standard and handed over to its residents and users.

Milestones of the project:

  • Start of construction: June 2010
  • Completion: December 2011



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Veringstraße 60
21107 Hamburg

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Floor area: 2,675 square metres
Ground floor: district café, hammam, day care centre
Residential units: 18 apartments for senior citizens and 1 guest room; communal apartment with 10 rooms for people with dementia


Gutzeit + Ostermann Architekten, Hamburg



GbR Veringeck
Deichstraße 7
29465 Hitzacker