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Inexpensive, family-friendly working and living quarters



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New Hamburg Terraces

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Environmentally conscious living and space for light industry; communal facilities and an intact community: This is the Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe (Georg-Wilhelm-Courtyards) complex. Within the framework of the IBA, a particularly family-friendly district is coming into existence in south-west Wilhelmsburg, providing a future-oriented solution for rented and, where applicable, also owner-occupied dwellings.



Community-oriented, ecologically exemplary dwellings will be built on the former site of the remedial language school which moved into the “Tor zur Welt” educational centre in 2012. These dwellings will test new forms of mixing residential dwellings with light industry. The Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe complex is a typical metro-zone project: The attractive location between the igs garden exhibition grounds and Reiherstieg on the one side and the industrial and trading district on the other side represent special potential and challenges for the planned residential area.


The development is intended to demonstrate model solutions for handling the usage conflict between residential areas and light industry. The demands on design; differentiated types of dwellings; on noise control and the sustainability of the entire project are correspondingly high. Parallel to this, affordable dwellings which are particularly attractive to young families will be created and the striking mature trees on the site will also be integrated.


In order to arrive at optimum, ground breaking solutions the IBA Hamburg and the Hamburg-Mitte administration district initiated a competition. The concept submitted by architects czerner göttsch Architekten was able to meet the specifications and impressed the competition jury with multiple-family dwellings of a kind typical for Hamburg. In the context of the type of construction and usage, the design achieves an appropriate transition between the residential zone on the one hand and a very busy road and industrial usage on the other. Varying floor plans offer smart solutions for individual forms of living, such as, for example, multiple generations under one roof or a home office. The development is being marketed in collaboration with the Hamburg State Ministry of Finance using a concept tender based on the urban planning designs of architects czerner göttsch architekten.


When submitting their offer for the site, potential house builders also provide their architectural ideas, should these deviate from the proposals of the competition winners.


When making the final selection, the architectural concept will then also play a decisive role in the decision.



Project milestones


  • November 2011 Invitation to tender for the site of the
  • 1st construction phase
  • Spring 2012 Investor selection
  • Beginnig of 2013 Commencement of building of 1st construction phase
  • Middle of 2014 Completion of 1st construction phase

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Georg-Wilhelm-Straße / Kurdamm
21107 Hamburg

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