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New job opportunities in boat building

House of Projects

Haus der Projekte, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Haus der Projekte, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Haus der Projekte, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein Haus der Projekte, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Bernadette Grimmenstein IBA Hamburg / Bernadette Grimmenstein IBA Hamburg / Bernadette Grimmenstein


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Gateway to the World Educational Centre

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Learning by Doing

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Centre of Language and Excercise

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Haus der Projekte - die mügge



With the "House of Projects – die mügge," the Müggenburg port of entry is being made the site of an exemplary facility for professional qualification: young people who do not find employment in the first job market are trained at a boat-building workshop. In addition, various leisure activities are being planned for young people and young adults.



The Müggenburg port of entry, as the site of the IBA DOCK and the BallinStadt Emigration Museum, is a central stepping stone for the "Leap across the Elbe." The "House of Projects - die mügge" is being created on the south bank of the port of entry as another important IBA project on the water. Young people are to be introduced to the job market here by acquiring skilled manual qualifications. The owner and cooperation partner is the association "Get the Kick e.V.," which has already constructed a swimming boathouse in the direct vicinity of the IBA DOCK.

The architecture for the building was established at a Europe-wide architectural competition carried out by the IBA Hamburg GmbH together with "Get the Kick e.V." The jury chaired by the Hamburg architect Prof. Bernhard Winking decided in favour of the striking design of the Dutch bureau "Studio NL-D" among the 16 works submitted. The building extending into the water is reminiscent of a traditional dockyard building. The boats are transported from the water into the large boat hall by means of a craneway. Another special feature of this project is that the young people are already involved in the construction of the building.

The energy supply is also extraordinary. Hydrogen and oxygen react in a delayed oxyhydrogen reaction in a fuel cell, thus producing heat and electricity. The hydrogen is produced from natural gas. The fuel cell aggregate is being sponsored by E.ON and serve to test this technology - it is still rarely used in buildings but highly efficient.

This project is part of the Elbe Islands Education Drive.

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Project Milestones:

  • Beginning of construction, June 2010

  • Topping-out ceremony in May 2011

  • Interior construction starting in July 2011 by the future user

  • Completion in the spring of 2012

Besides the IBA Hamburg, this project is being financed by:

  • Get the Kick e.V.

  • Hamburg-Mitte District Office

  • Office for Urban and Landscape Planning

  • Hamburg. Deine Perlen. (Hamburg- Your Pearls)

    Integrierte Stadtteilentwicklung (Integrated District Development)


This project is being sponsored by:

  • Aurubis AG

  • E.ON Hanse AG

  • H. D. Bartels Foundation

  • Holcim (Deutschland) AG



    Stiftung Nachbarschaft (Neighbourhood Foundation)

  • STÄRKEN vor Ort

  • VELUX Deutschland GmbH

  • Wilhelm A.F. MEYER GmbH

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20539 Hamburg

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Completion: end of 2011
Floor area: 400 sq m


Studio NL-D, Rotterdam