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/fileadmin/Projekte/K11_Tor_zur_Welt/TeaserH_Tor-zur-Welt_214x60_Grimmenstein.jpg Education for the whole quarter

Gateway to the World Educational Centre

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/fileadmin/Projekte/K12_Haus_der_Projekte/hausderprojekte.jpg New job opportunities in boat building

House of Projects

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/fileadmin/Projekte/K13_Sprach_und_Bewegungszentrum/sprachubz.jpg Learning in motion

Centre of Language and Excercise

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Stübenhofer Weg Education Centre

In Kirchdorf-Süd, the primary school and district school are placing a particular emphasis on Learning by Doing - that is, learning based on real, practical tasks, from the very first year of school.

The Education Centre in Kirchdorf-Süd, which lies in the middle of a high-rise housing development, has been converted and extended according to a design by the Hamburg-based firm of architects Marc-Olivier Mathez, on behalf of Hamburg Schools Authority and GWG Gewerbe.

The new extension contains classrooms, administrative offices, a canteen, two gymnasiums, and an additional reception area that joins the new parts of the building to the existing facilities. In urban planning terms, the design addresses the schools' wish to overcome their isolated location on the edge of the high-rise estate, and to open out to the district.

The formerly separate buildings of the primary school and the district school have been joined together so that they are recognisable as a single unit. With its new paths and the lavish glass façade on the ground floor, the learning opportunities on offer at the Education Centre are clearly visible to the local people, demonstrating that the school and the district have continued to grow together.

The Stübenhofer Weg primary and district schools will place an emphasis on Learning by Doing through the creation of a learning environment that systematically joins together existing educations and guidance facilities.

Schools and youth and training support services in Kirchdorf and Kirchdorf-Süd have formed the Learning by Doing network for the purpose of further developing teaching and education. It aims to promote learning in the participating schools and institutions through regular, real-life tasks, for children of all ages. From the very first school classes, children are to be involved in a range of creative and practical learning activities.

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Prize winner of German prize for light design, 'Deutscher Lichtdesign-Preis' 2012, in the category education (Andres Lichtplanung Hamburg)


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