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New connections on the Elbe Island

Ferries for Wilhelmsburg

Fähre für Wilhelmsburg, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Aron Bihmann Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Barkasse, Bild: Martin Kunze Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Ernst-August-Schleuse, Bild: Martin Kunze Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Ernst-August-Schleuse, Bild: Martin Kunze Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Spreehafen, Bild: Martin Kunze Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Barkasse, Bild: Aron Bohmann






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Creating a bridge to Harburg’s Schloßinsel

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Multipurpose Circuit

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Ferries for Wilhelmsburg


When the winter timetable comes into effect in December 2012, Wilhelmsburg will have a new ferry connection. The new Ernst-August Lock landing stage in Klütjenfelder Hafen will also come into operation, and the existing HADAG ferry line 73 will be extended to this point. The journey on ferry 73 takes only 15 minutes from here to the St Pauli landing stages, and the fare is the same as a normal Hamburg Transport System ticket. The pier on the harbour circuit will also become part of the Maritime Circle Line.


The new pier is particularly important for the residents of the Reiherstieg district and the harbour businesses in the vicinity. The journey between Stübenplatz, the centre of the Reiherstieg district, and the jetty in Klütjenfelder Hafen can now be done via the newly created link to the Spreehafen and a ten-minute walk. The planning of this pier was driven by the IBA's project-oriented appeal for "ideas for Veddel and the Spreehafen". Two parties suggested a new ferry jetty and a water connection to Hamburg city centre. The planning and construction were carried out by the State Office for Roads, Bridges, and Water. The Hamburg Port Authority will oversee the upkeep of the jetty pontoons.

The ferry connection has shortened the transit time between the banks of the Elbe, and the existence of a direct link is a real timesaver: it is no longer necessary to make a detour over the Elbe bridges.








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Spreehafen, north of the Reiherstiegviertels
20457 Hamburg

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