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New Routes around the Spreehafen

Neue Wege zum Spreehafen, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Martin Kunze Neue Wege zum Spreehafen, Bild: IBA Hamburg GmbH / Martin Kunze Neue Wege zum Spreehafen – Brücke, Foto: Martin Kunze Neue Wege zum Spreehafen – Visualisierung, Credits: Topotek Neue Wege zum Spreehafen – Visualisierung 02, Credits: Topotek Fähre in Wilhelmsburg – Ernst-August-Schleuse, Bild: Martin Kunze


/fileadmin/Projekte/M52_Brueckenschlag/brueckenschlag.jpg New routes to the Harburg Schloßinsel

Creating a bridge to Harburg’s Schloßinsel

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/fileadmin/Projekte/K41_Freizeitrundkurs/Frk_inline_teaser_H.jpg New tracks on the Elbe Islands - on foot, on rollers or on wheels

Multipurpose Circuit

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New Routes around the Spreehafen

With the dissolution of the customs fence, there is a need for new paths that make the harbour basin more accessible for local residents and visitors. 

With this in mind, the Berlin-based landscape planning firm Topotek 1 has designed innovative steps and ramps along the dyke. Three wide sets of steps dovetail with the green areas of the dyke, making the new points of access on the land side visible from afar. On the quieter, waterfront side, the steps offer views over the harbour and the city centre skyline, inviting visitors to linger. The steps and ramps follow the pattern of the chemise stones that have long been in place on the dyke, in which the stones interlock with one another. Using a rounded tongue and groove system, the stones can gradually adapt, like a tablecloth, to the sinking of the ground. This means that it will not be damaged by subsurface erosion if there is a storm surge, and changes underground are visible on the surface. Flood protection therefore remains uncompromised.

The new direct link between the urban Reiherstieg district and the dock landscape around the Spreehafen, as conceived by the same planners, will play a prominent role. From March 2013, a tapered staircase and a ramp will lead from the Stübenplatz to the embankment of the road that runs around the harbour. This path leads along the Ernst-August Canal to a newly built set of pedestrian lights, from where it is only a few steps up to the Spreehafenplatz. Alternatively, there is another accessible path. The Spreehafenplatz lies at a kink in the southern bank of the Spreehafen and has been used many times in the past for the Spreehafen Festival.

Another important connection to the Spreehafen, implemented before the involvement of the IBA, is the cycle path from the Spreehafen customs station, to the west of the harbour, and to the old Elbe tunnel, the most widely used cycle route between Wilhelmsburg and Hamburg city centre.

The Spreehafen development project has been consolidated by the new ferry connection with the Landungsbrücken, which began operation in late 2012.

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Spreehafen, north of Reiherstiegviertel
20457 Hamburg

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