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Entrance complex to the Inselpark

InselAkademie Building


InselAkademie Building


The InselAkademie Building is located in the new district at the entrance to the Island Park. With its distinctive roof and green ceramic tiles, the four-storey structure forms a unit with the adjoining Medical Centre. The facility’s range of sports training programmes is primarily aimed at young people from the neighbourhood, and it will thus make an important contribution to sports and educational activities on the Elbe islands.

The InselAkademie project is the result of work by the organisation Sport without Borders, whose aim is to provide holistic assistance and support to children and young people through sport and recreational activities with an educational slant, along with the provision of practical work and training places.

With a range of activities open to all, such as “Midnight basketball” and “Help with homework and sport”, the InselAkademie is targeted at young people who find it difficult to fit into set structures. They are able to participate in new projects, thus helping them to learn social skills and the ability to work as part of a team. The InselAkademie cooperates with schools, organisations, and youth advice facilities within the district, while providing for top-tier sport with official structures, alongside amateur club-level sports.

Opening the Way for Sport without Borders

The project is coordinated from the offices of the InselAkademie Building. It is an open space, acting as a venue for sporting activities and educational courses held by different institutions and groups. The lower two floors are home to administrative offices and classrooms, which can be used for further education initiatives, workshops, and other social projects. The two floors above that consist of a residence for young people, comprising four apartments with two bedrooms each. A fifth apartment offers a living space for a supervised group of young people, and benefits from a large common living area.

In addition to the new residential and office facilities, the InselAkademie will primarily use the Island Park Hall for its sporting programme. The hall is situated only around 150 metres to the south in the Wilhelmsburg's Island Park. 

A Holistic Approach to Dynamic Integration

In the very heart of the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg, the InselAkademie offers a range of activities that is easily accessible and open to children and young people from the immediate district, as well as other areas of Hamburg. In doing so, it is primarily aimed at young people who find it challenging to join strictly regimented structures. By bringing together sports, social, and educational activities, this enables young people to participate in new projects and develop social skills such as working as part of a team in a dynamic way.

This all makes the work of the InselAkademie a good example of the Cosmopolis, one of the IBA’s key themes. Here the IBA Hamburg demonstrates how urban community life might look in the future, and opens up a wide range of opportunities. As a collaborative effort by the SOG, the IBA, and igs 2013, the InselAkademie seeks to take on an important role in social integration within Wilhelmsburg. One vital source of support for the project is the Benno und Inge Behrens-Stiftung (Benno and Inge Behrens Foundation), which is heavily involved in supporting supervised housing for young people.


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Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 2
21109 Hamburg

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Beginning of construction:
November 2011

Project costs:
approx. 3,3 Mio. Euro

June 2013

Size of site:
Approx. 900 m²

Gross floor space:
Approx. 1.550 m²

Energy standard:
KfW-Effizienzhaus 55 [House using ≤ 55% of the highest value specified by the German 2009 Energy Conservation Act]

Energy and heating supply:
Integrated Energy Network Wilhelmsburg Central


The InselAkademie is a co-project of IBA Hamburg, internationale gartenschau 2013 and Sport ohne Grenzen.





H.O. Dieter Schoppe + Partner Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg