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Entrance complex to the Inselpark

Senior Citizen Centre on Inselpark


Senior Citizen Centre on Inselpark


The area next to the railway line, which cuts a swathe through Wilhelmsburg and has long stunted development, became the home of a new, forward-looking establishment for Wilhelmsburg: the Senior Citizens’ Centre in the Island Park. This new building will have a wide range of functions and will thus benefit not only the older generation, but Wilhelmsburg residents of all ages.

A Building for People of All Generations

The establishment of a care home by the KerVita Group created over 140 assisted housing places and around 70 jobs. It will offer assistance to Wilhelmsburg locals who require care, without forcing them to leave their district. The building is also home to a training and further education centre for future carers. The youngest members of society are also catered for here: in addition to a day nursery for up to 60 children, there is a residential unit with seven apartments for young mothers and their children. This wide variety of uses will enable people of different ages to mingle with one another and engage in activities together.

Noise Protection for the Whole Building

The building’s location, near the railway line and the future Bundesstrasse, represents a specific challenge due to the high level of noise. The Berlin-based firm feddersenarchitekten has addressed this problem by devising a remarkably sophisticated building structure, whereby building-high conservatories on the eastern side of the building offer effective sound insulation, shielding all of the apartments from the noise of the traffic. Yet this design not only protects the building from its noisy surroundings; it is also visually pleasing, offering areas for relaxation and attractive meeting places, with balconies, covered terraces, and conservatories on the outside, and communal kitchens and common areas on the inside.

Another special feature of the building is the roof garden on top of the fourth floor, which is designed for residents suffering from dementia. Here, those who require care can enjoy a protected outdoor area, where they can indulge their senses or simply relax. The centrepiece of the roof garden is the communal terrace, with a pavilion that can be used for cultural events.

A Place in the Entrance Complex to the Island Park

The Senior Citizens’ Centre was designed to form part of the entrance complex to the Island Park, together with the neighbouring Medical Centre and the InselAkademie building. Visually speaking, it is just as striking as those other buildings, and not only due to its striking conservatories; with its many indents, the ground plan echoes the design of the WÄLDERHAUS. The northern façade is particularly notable, with areas covered in green ceramic tiles, complementing the wall of the neighbouring Medical Centre and thus creating a harmonious transition between the two buildings.

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Neuenfelder Straße 33 and 33a
21109 Hamburg

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Beginning of construction:
November 2011

August 2013

Project costs:
approx. 15 Mio. Euro

Property size:
approx. 2,800 sqm

Gross floor area:
approx. 9,200 sqm

141 care home places,
approx. 50 nursing school places,
approx. 60 day care places for children
7 apartments for mother-child-living

Energy standard:
kfW 55Standard,
EnEV 2009 minus 30 %

Energy supply:
lntegrated Energy Network Wilhelmsburg Central


feddersenarchitekten, Berlin

H.O. Dieter Schoppe + Partner Landschaftsarchitekten, Hamburg