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Entrance complex to the Inselpark

Medical centre and health academy


Medical Centre

A nine-storey Medical Centre is taking shape at the entrance to Wilhelmsburg’s Island Park, according to a design by the Munich-based Architects Bolles+Wilson. Like the new State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment Building, which lies directly opposite, the Medical Centre also has got a ceramic curtain-wall façade, not in flashy colours in this case, but in two shades of green. The Medical Centre and the new State Ministry Building will tower over the neighbouring structures, forming a visual gateway to the new district.


A Health Centre for Wilhelmsburg

The Medical Centre will markedly improve the healthcare situation in Wilhelmsburg. A pharmacy, medical supply store, and coffee shop will be integrated into the ground floor. Medical practices, healthcare professionals, and other healthcare services will be housed on the upper six floors, which offer a good set-up and spacious areas for work. In years to come, this wide range of centrally located medical services, with different doctors, short distances for patients to travel, and high-quality architecture will benefit the whole district.

The crowning achievement of the building is the four maisonettes on the two top floors. Their residents will be able to enjoy wonderful views from their roof terraces over the Elbe islands and far beyond.

Part of a Distinctive Complex

The Medical Centre forms part of a group of buildings that consists of a Senior Citizens’ Centre with a nursing school, the sports, social, and education centre housed within the InselAkademie Building, the two residential blocks of Wood 5 ¼, and the WÄLDERHAUS, which contains a hotel.

Due to its striking location at the centre of the Elbe islands and its proximity to the Urban Railway Station, this complex promises to be a key focal point for the Wilhelmsburg Central district, and forms the entrance of Wilhelmsburg's Island Park.

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Neuenfelder Straße 31
21109 Hamburg

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Beginning of construction:
November 2011

June 2013

Size of site:
approx. 2 300 m²

Gross floor area:
approx. 5 900 m²

Useable area:
approx. 4 900 m²

Project costs:
approx. 14. Mio. €

3 – 5 retail units (chemist, restaurant/café, bakery, etc.); doctors’ surgeries and offices; approx. 4 residential units

5 – 9 (+ 2 storey underground car park)

Energy standard:
KfW-Effizienzhaus 55, EnEV 2009 minus 30 %

Energy and heating supply:
Integrated Energy Network Wilhelmsburg Central



H.O. Dieter Schoppe + Partner
landscape architects, Hamburg


IIB I - Inselpark Immobilien Besitz GmbH & Co. KG I