IBA Consulting Committee on Climate and Energy


The IBA Consulting Committee on Climate and Energy


In support of IBA Hamburg and its key theme "Cities and Climate Change" a consulting committee on climate and energy, whose members each contribute different experiences to this topic area, was formed in the early summer of 2008.


The experts from the fields of science, politics and practical application will accompany critically IBA's work, increasing the innovative strength of the projects and reflect and discuss the local efforts of IBA Hamburg in the professional context internationally. The consulting committee can also support IBA in the international presentation of the projects.


The following six people belong to the group of advisers:

Prof. Peter Droege (Hochschule Liechtenstein und Vorsitzender des Weltrats für erneuerbare Energien, Australien) ist seit Jahren vor allem im asiatischen Raum wissenschaftlich und beratend tätig mit dem Schwerpunkt der Umstellung der Städte auf erneuerbare Energieversorgung

Dr. Harry Lehmann (division manager at the German Federal Environmental Agency located in Dessau, Germany) engages in developing 100-percent renewable concepts and sustainable urban development

Prof. Irene Peters (HafenCity University, Hamburg) is a lecturer and researcher in the field of infrastructural planning and municipal engineering, focussing on efficient resource usage

Prof. Manfred Hegger (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany) is a teacher, planner and researcher with an emphasis on energy-efficient building

Stefan Schurig (Director Climate Energy, World Future Council, Hamburg, Germany) engages in climate protection and renewable energies worldwide

Matthias Schuler (Geschäftsführer Transsolar, Stuttgart und Dozent an der Harvard University, USA) plant weltweit Projekte im Bereich Klima-Engineering

The consulting committee meets three or four times a year and assumes a consulting role in expert discussions on long-term strategic decisions as needed.