The IBA 2006-2009

In September 2006 the newly founded IBA Hamburg GmbH began its work, initially on the premises of the Ministry for Urban Development and Environment. In November it moved into its first headquarters alongside the Veringkanal.

In early 2007 the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg presented its logo, designed by feldmann+schultchen – the figure leaping over the Elbe. This is to become the symbol of the building exhibition and illustrates what the project was all about for Hamburg’s citizens: the leap across the Elbe. The IBA Summer of Art and Culture, which was held during the opening Presentation Year in 2007, attracted more than 50,000 people. The first MS Dockville Festival of Art and Music was also held in the same year.

Project development got properly underway, and the IBA team entered into close contact with experts from all over the world. By the end of 2007 the first 21 projects had been established, having been showcased in the exhibition “IBA at WORK” in Berta-Kröger-Platz from September.

2008 was a year of important decisions. The IBA Hamburg launched a series of prestigious international architectural competitions, with outstanding results. The Wilhelmsburg Central Master Plan was presented in September.

The first ground-breaking ceremony was held in 2009. Following a two-year project identification and development phase, the visions for the future gradually took shape. Large projects and construction ventures now entered the implementation phase.

After almost exactly three years, the International Building Exhibition had approximately 40 projects in development and was preparing for its interim Presentation Year in 2010.


Slideshow with visual impressions of 2006 - 2009