igs 2013 hamburg GmbH


igs 2013 hamburg GmbH

From April to October of 2013, the year of the final presentation of IBA Hamburg, the Elbe Islands will at the same time be the event location of the International Garden Exhibition. Therefore, its organiser, igs Hamburg 2013 GmbH, closely coordinates the planning process with IBA Hamburg.


From 26 April to 13 October 2013, the Hamburg international garden show igs 2013 took place on the area of today's 'Inselpark'. It took the visitor on a journey through cultures and vegetation zones of the Earth. 80 gardens, embedded into seven different worlds, told us different stories: The world of harbours, 'Welt der Häfen', was about itchy feet and the yearning to travel, the water worlds, 'Wasserwelten', told of water shortage and surplus. The world of cultures, 'Welt der Kulturen', showed the variety of peoples, and the world of continents, 'Welt der Kontinente', the variety of vegetation types. The world of movement, 'Welt der Bewegung', tempted with a climbing gym and Feng Shui, the world of religions, 'Welt der Religionen', offered places for rest and introspective contemplation. And in the nature worlds, 'Naturwelten', the gardening has been transferred, among others places, to Mars.


Since 14 October 2013, the former area of the igs has been called 'Wilhelmsburg Inselpark'. Except for the areas still being converted, it is open to the public.


As a 'green oasis' in the midst of Hamburg, the park has a lot to offer: Lawns and barbecue facilities, play and sports areas, a canal for canoeing and a high ropes course, a terrace restaurant and a 'kiosk of cultures' … many facilities an international and health-conscious urban society should like to have. To take advantage of the temporary large-scale event by creating a lasting green space for the Wilhelmsburg area was very much the aim.