Participation Council


The Participation council


In order to involve the residents of the Elbe islands in the planning in good time, the IBA and the international horticultural show 'Internationale Gartenschau' (igs) established an own committee for civic participation. The committee of 24 residents and nine politicians of the IBA presentation area has taken an active part in the process of planning and realising of IBA and igs, thus supplementing the already existing advisory boards for the Elbinsel area and its redevelopment.

The committee is independent and fully recognised. It supported the mutual information exchange between all persons involved in the entire process. The residents' knowledge and experience were to help form an opinion regarding all relevant matters and decisions of IBA and igs.

The participation committee of IBA and igs is currently composed of the following 32 representatives:

16 representatives of the Wilhelmsburg district

5 representatives of the Veddel and Kleiner Grasbrook area

3 representatives from Harburg, Schlossinsel area

8 politicians (without the right to vote)


It was required to live or work on the Elbe islands to become a member of the committee. Until the end of 2012, the committee held meetings every month. During the IBA presentation year 2013, the meeting was called only if required.  Aa a rule, all meetings were open to the public.

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