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Safeguarding the future in the learning metropolis

Education Drive

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Bildungsoffensive Elbinseln
2006 – 2013



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Education and District Development

One of the challenges facing today's major cities is finding ways of creating forward-looking educational opportunities for all of their citizens. The aim of the Elbe Islands Education Drive is to transform a whole area of the city into a learning environment.

Many Wilhelmsburg residents feel attached to their district and already engage with it on many levels, including in the educational sector. As a result, there is a long-standing tradition of citizen participation, following the Future Conference 2001-02, which gave rise to the Wilhelmsburg Education Forum. This sparked a systematic network of local educational institutions.

The IBA Hamburg is addressing the issue of learning through the framework of the Elbe Islands Education Drive. Through jointly developed concepts, investments, and architectural innovation, together with close cooperation with various local initiatives, the responsible authorities and the district will facilitate the development of an educational infrastructure that offers attractive learning opportunities. It is hoped that educational institutions will develop into public spaces where people of all ages can enjoy optimal conditions for communicating and learning, alongside and from one another. The cultural diversity of the local citizens is actively factored into this concept, with the aim of making the district even more attractive and liveable for people from all over Hamburg.

An initial assessment of the Elbe Islands Education Drive was carried out by the IBA in 2010, at which point it had been in operation for three years. It was found that the Education Drive was being increasingly seen as part of the development strategy for the whole district. The different institutions are raising their profiles and strengthening cooperation, allowing them to work towards offering integrated, joint opportunities that enhance the overall learning environment in the area. This increases the chances of educational, guidance, and child-raising facilities being seen as a more important part of the location. By greatly increasing the range of opportunities on offer, it is hoped that these institutions can work together in an integrated way to nurture the talents of all who use them, across all age groups. Establishments such as the Centre of Language and Exercise in the Reiherstieg District and the Gateway to the World Education Centre are already seeking to achieve these goals, and more learning centres are being set up, offering a range of educational opportunities.

At City-Wide Level, Networking between Education Providers Improves the Range of Learning Opportunities

Autumn 2010 saw the establishment of regional education conferences in Hamburg. According to the new Education Act and the State-backed "Learning On-Site" programme, in conjunction with the Federal State "Integrated Urban Development Framework Concept" programme, these conferences were set up throughout Hamburg under the direction of the education authorities and with the agreement of all of the districts and their federal bodies.

The regional education conferences are forums for developing area-specific learning concepts according to regulatory requirements and changing needs.

  • They are responsible for communicating any ideas that arise to the competent authorities and other relevant bodies. 
  • They collate any ideas that cannot be realised on the spot. 
  • Make recommendations.
  • Give feedback.
  • Present reports on specific matters, and 
  • Draw up regional plans of action.

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