The IBA Story

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The IBA Story

International Building Exhibitions are temporary urban development initiatives. The IBA Hamburg ran from 1 September 2006 to 3 November 2013 – seven years that changed Wilhelmsburg, Veddel, and “Harburg Upriver Port”. Learn the whole story here, from the Future Conference in 2002 to the IBA Presentation Year in 2013. Find out about the objectives, stakeholders, features of the project, and the network of international exhibitions – IBA meets IBA.

The expectations for the International Building Exhibition could not have been more complex. It was intended to combine the interests of policy-makers and the government, citizens, organisations, and industry in a fruitful and forward-looking way, while walking the tightrope between pragmatism and creativity.

In the heart of Hamburg, the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg sought answers to the most pressing issues facing modern-day cities. Seventy projects were carried out in Wilhelmsburg, Europe’s largest river island, along with Veddel and “Harburg Upriver Port”, up until 2013 and beyond.

Only a short hop from Hamburg’s inner city, the IBA has given urban development new social, technical, and cultural impetus. Building projects have been carried out for and with the involvement of the residents, creating living space and demonstrating how cities can grow from the inside out in a socially and environmentally balanced way. The IBA Hamburg has shown a commitment to better education and exchange between people and has developed new ideas for climate and environmental protection.


Slideshow with visual impressions of 2013