Themes of the IBA

The main topics of IBA Hamburg

In the middle of Hamburg, the IBA has been looking for answers to the most urgent questions of the modern city in order to develop and present projects for the future of the metropolises. Wilhelmsburg, the largest inhabited river island in Europe, the area Veddel and Harburg Binnenhafen have formed the arena in which about 70 projects have been realised up to 2013 and beyond.

Only a stone's throw from Hamburg town centre, the IBA Hamburg has given new social, technical and cultural impetus to urban development. For seven years, it has been devoted itself to the most pressing challenges for urban development the interactions of which decisively affect the future of the cities: globalisation, migration, economic dynamics, ecocide, shortage of resources and the impact of climate change.

Three main topics result from that and they have accompanied the IBA and its projects:

Under the main topic COSMOPOLIS, the IBA Hamburg has demonstrated how living together in a metropolis could look like in the future.


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The topic METROZONES shows how to provide space for growth in the city region and how to offer short ways between living and working places.


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The subject CITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE proves that it is possible for big cities to grow in a climate-friendly way by producing renewable and decentralised energy thus using its own ressources more efficiently.


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